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Company Profile

Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision is to create and maintain an organization of highly killed construction professionals that serve our Clients' needs with honesty and integrity. To provide an environment that promotes personal growth and self-pride.
Our Mission
Our Mission
To provide construction and asset management solutions in an environment where people feel safe, secure and valued.


  • Our firm comprises Energetic Project Planners, Developers, Executers, and Highly Skilled Labour.
  • Our work is modern, context conscious and energy efficient.
  • We try to produce good architecture despite budget constraints.
  • We have well Reputed Architects , Electrical and Civil Engineers to produce serious architecture and execute work.

SACO has successfully completed numerous jobs relating to above disciplines. The company has experience of working in all environments and in difficult areas like Marshy, Sand dunes, Water logged, Rocky, Agriculture, and densely populated areas.


SACO has and owns the largest fleet of all sorts of construction equipment, be it required for Civil Construction, Public Health, Electrical Works & Mechanical Eriction. The specialized equipment and expert manpower can be mobilized within the shortest possible time.


The Company maintains high standards of quality of work to satisfy its clients, Quality control strict procedures are used at sites and quality assurance audits are performed regularly. A quality Policy manual which provies guidelines for the overall quality management while specific quality control plan for each specific job site, forms part of the scope of work at each site.


The Company places very high priority for the health, safety, and environment issues at sites. A health, safety, and environment manual provide the general guidelines for the manpower, boarding / lodging health & safety. Each specific site then is provided with a HS&E plan specific to the site conditions. The company carries an excellent track record of HS&E on the projects it has completed so far.


A well-equipped maintenance workshop is being run for the up-keep of the equipment and machinery and other Fabrication jobs under the supervision of highly qualified personnel An inventory of spares normally required for the upkeep of the equipment is maintained to shorten the down time of equipment.