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  • PHILILPS Occu Switch Smart Sensor
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    PHILILPS Occu Switch Smart Sensor PHILILPS Occu Switch Smart Sensor

PHILILPS Occu Switch Smart Sensor

  • Brand: PHILIPS
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OccuSwitch - a smart move


The OccuSwitch is a movement detector with a built-in switch. It will switch the lights off in a room or area when it is vacated and thus save up to 30% on electricity The

OccuSwitch can switch any load of up to 6 A and control an area of between 20 and 25 m2. A detachable mains connector enables easy installation and mounting of the

OccuSwitch in the ceiling, a separate Wieland cable is available for easy, fast and trouble-free installation


• Energy savings of up to 30% and good pay-back

• Works with almost all lamp- and luminaire types

• Easy to install, enables even faster installation by optional Wielandconnectors.


• OccuSwitch has a smart timer that will extend the delay time by 10 minutes if movement is detected shortly after switch-off, assumingthat the area is still in use but there is very little movement• The OccuSwitch has a retractable shield that can be used to shield  off areas, e.g. corridors, adjacent to the area the OccuSwitch is controlling


• The OccuSwitch is designed for use in offices, schools and similar applications, including toilets, storage rooms, etc

• It is optimized for recessed ceiling mounting and for mounting heights between 2.5 and 4 meters

• The surface box also enables surface mounting, with either recessed wiring or surface-mounted ducts

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Advanced version, same as the LRM1070 but with parallel operation (up to 10 Occuswitch units), local override and absence mode.

- A small occupancy sensor (70mm diameter, 60mm hole) that can switch up to 600VA of fluorescent lighting and a detection range of 20 till 25m². Typical

applications are cell and open plan offices. Up to 10 units can work in parallel with a separate, low voltage, bus signal, to provide a large detection area and

maintain flexibility when changes arerequired.

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