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  • PHILIPS TUV 11W Germicidal 4P SE UNP
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PHILIPS TUV 11W Germicidal 4P SE UNP

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  • Product Code: PHILIPS TUV 11W Germicidal 4P SE UNP
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PHILIPS TUV 11W Germicidal 4P SE UNP

TUV TL Mini - Small diameter lamps for residential applications


TUV TL Mini lamps are slim double-ended UVC (germicidal) lamps used in residential water and air disinfection units. The small 16 mm diameter of the lamp

allows for a small system design and design flexibility. TUV TL Mini lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. 


• Security of effective disinfection over the useful lifetime of the lamp 

• High system efficacy because it is not required to over-design the purification system to maintain effectiveness of disinfection

• Good environmental choice because of lowest amount of mercury


• Short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UVC) for disinfection purposes

• Protective inside coating ensures almost constant UV output over the complete lifetime of the lamp

• Special lamp glass filters out the 185 nm ozone-forming radiation

• Warning sign on lamp indicates that the lamp radiates UVC


• Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms

• Residential drinking water units

• Fish pond water units

• In-duct air treatment units

• Stand alone air purifiers


Product A (Min) A (Norm) A (Max) B (Min) B (Norm) B (Max) C (Min) C (Norm) C (Max) D (Max) O (Norm)

TUV 11W 4P SE - - 244.1 - - - - - 251.8 19 -

TUV 16W 4P SE - - 320.3 - - - - - 328 19 -

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