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  • PHILIPS  Jaundice TL/TL-D  20W/520 Medical Therapy
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PHILIPS Jaundice TL/TL-D 20W/520 Medical Therapy

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  • Product Code: PHILIPS Jaundice TL/TL-D 20W/520 Medical Therapy
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PHILIPS  Jaundice TL/TL-D Medical Therapy 20W/520

Medical Therapy Jaundice TL/TL-D

TL 20W/52 SLV

By emitting light almost entirely within the 400 to 500 nm bandwidth these Medical Therapy Jaundice TL/TL-D /52 lamps have no radiation

from the short wave UVB waveband. They are therefore ideal for treating new born babies suffering from hyperbilirubinemia (neonatal

jaundice) and Crigler-Najjar Syndrome (CNS). Moreover, the bandwidth of these lamps peak at the most effective treatmnt

wavelength of 450 nm. This highly efficacious phototherapy treatment has eliminated the need for blood transfusions in almost all jaundiced


Product data

• General Characteristics

Cap-Base G13

Bulb T38

Main Application Medical Therapy

Useful Life 2000 hr

Life to 50% failures


9000 hr

• Light Technical Characteristics

Beam Description -

Color Code 52

Color Designation



Chromaticity Coordinate


154 -

Chromaticity Coordinate


69 -

Luminous Flux Lamp


330 Lm

Lumen Maintenance


85 %

Lumen Maintenance


75 %

Depreciation 2000


20 %

• Electrical Characteristics

Lamp Wattage 20 W

Lamp Wattage Technical

19.3 W

Lamp Voltage 59 V

Lamp Current 0.36 A

Dimmable No

• Environmental Characteristics

Mercury (Hg)


8.0 mg

• Product Dimensions

Base Face to Base

Face A

589.8 (max) mm

Insertion Length B 594.5 (min), 596.9 (max) mm

Overall Length C 604 (max) mm

Diameter D 40.5 (max) mm

• Product Data

Order code 928003505203

Full product code 928003505203

Full product name TL 20W/52 SLV

Order product name TL 20W/52 SLV/25

Pieces per pack 1

Packing configuration 25

Packs per outerbox 25

Bar code on pack -



Bar code on

outerbox - EAN3


Logistic code(s) -



Net weight per piece 156.000 gr

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